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Main characteristics



Double decontaminant effect. Retains CO2 and decomposes harmful particles. AmbientPro+ Premium is photocatalytic paint, it contains graphene and it is suitable for interiors and exteriors. It decomposes organic substances and inorganic gases by means of light, whether natural or artificial, on titanium oxide nanoparticles, the photocatalytic component. Ideal for buildings in cities where there is pollution. It also reduces odours from domestic animals, tobacco, etc. Especially developed for façades of historic buildings in city centres and areas with high volumes of vehicles, such as tunnels and car parks. Also, suited to interiors of offices, restaurants, hotels, crèches, hospitals, veterinary clinics, etc.

Photocatalytic. Decomposes contaminants:
NOx, VOCs, CO, SOx, formaldehydes, etc.
Eliminates odours.
Active in the range of visible and UV light (10-750 nm).
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Over 98% whiteness.
Excellent hiding power.
Absorbs CO2 (4.8 kg/15l).
Contains high quality lime and graphene fibres.
Antibacterial / Anti-mould.
Insect repellent. Breathable. Resist condensation.
Good washability.
Tough and long-lasting. High adherence.
Excellent exibility. Resists cracking.
Free of VOC and formaldehyde emissions.

The quality and good results of Graphenstone products are a reflection of hard working. We know that to continue growing we need to join forces, that’s why Graphenstone belongs to the AIF (Asociación Ibérica de Fotocatálisis), the Spanish photocatalysis association, and to the HC Hospitalaria Consulting Group.


The AIF aims to group every Company which manufacture photocatalytic construction materials. They want to implement the concept of ‘LA ISLA FOTOCATALÍTICA’ (the photocatalytic island) in the polluted cities. In the other hand, HC Hospitalaria Consulting Group is an association which seek industrial and company solutions to meet the needs in the healthcare sector, either public or private institutions.