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Graphenstone is quality and certifications.

Graphenstone is committed to the highest environmental standards. We have achieved excellent levels of quality control, both in our production processes and finished products, fulfilling the most exacting national and international regulations.

After a generation of chemical and plastic-based coatings, we are strongly focused on developing a more sustainable and chemical-free built environment. Graphenstone has implemented an Integral Energy Management system according to UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000, ISO UNE-EN 14001 and UNE-EN ISO 50001. In addition to the production control system UNE-EN ISO 1504-3 and the control system designed for the reliability of aerospace products UNE-EN ISO 9100, Graphenstone has AENOR and IQNet Company Certificates as well as the Environmental Certification granted by AENOR and IQNet.

Award of EC Certificate No. 1170 / CPR / ER.0311, under UNE-EN ISO 1504-2, demonstrates the consistency of the Quality Management System implemented by Graphenstone, ensuring we meet international standards of quality throughout the manufacturing process and subsequent application of all our products.

Using the PAS 2050: 2011 specification, we have become the first international company to provide the carbon footprint details of its products. Our customers can access Carbonpedia, the Spanish database that collects carbon footprint data, and verify the information about our products.

Conscious of the importance of our environment and the smallest possible footprint, not only are our products completely natural, but our packaging is made from recycled material. Our products and packaging contain 0.00% of toxic substances that degrade the environment, certified by the independent German laboratories at eco- INSTITUT, tested under B50028-001; and the absence of substances according to international standards ASTM D2369-10 and CA01350 have also been confirmed. Graphenstone has secured appropriate Certificates from both AENOR and IQNet.

Graphenstone obtains more than 16 of the most important certicifications worldwide: C2C GOLD, C2C SILVER, A+ France, AgBB Germany, M1 Nordic, Royal Decree for the emision by Belgium Ministries, US LEED PLATINUM and Japanese F****, etc.

Our contribution to the building of healthier and sustainable homes.

Solutions conceived for the environment, circular economy
and energy efficiency.

Graphenstone is the most advanced solution of ecological and natural paints and coatings in the market.


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